January Revolution Challenge!

January 1–31

January Revolutions aims to help you kick-start your year. You choose which goal motivates you. Whether you use an Indoor Rower, a SkiErg or a BikeErg, we hope you'll join us in starting the New Year with a bang!

The Goals

You can choose from time, Calories or consistency—try to workout as many days as possible in January! Each type of goal has two different levels. Select your goal from the Challenges List below. Then all you need to do is enter your workouts in your Logbook as you normally would, and your progress will be tracked on the Challenges Page.

Name Description

The Stretch Row, ski or ride for 20 days in January

The Big Stretch Row, ski or ride every day in January

The Haul Row, ski or ride for 15 hours in January

The Long Haul Row, ski or ride for 30 hours in January

The Burn Row, ski or ride 10,000 Calories in January

The Big Burn Row, ski or ride 20,000 Calories in January


If you're targeting Calories and you're not used to exercising in Cal/hr, it may help to know roughly how long it will take. A pace of 2:00/500m (2:00/1000m on the BikeErg) is approximately 1000 Cal/hr, so it would take about 10 hours to do 10,000 Calories. A pace of 2:30 is approximately 650 Cal/hr, so it would take about 15 hours.If you're doing The Stretch or The Big Stretch, you need to row at least 500m a day for it to count!

The Details

Choose your goal from the list above.

Indoor Rower, SkiErg or BikeErg. You can combine workouts from each machine.

Incentives and Rewards

Participants who meet the challenge can enjoy:

A specially designed certificate.The option to purchase January Revolution goodies at our third-party fulfillment vendor.


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